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What's in a Name?

We are often asked why the cottages are called Al Norte Holiday Cottages and what does the name mean?
"Al Norte" is Spanish for "To the North" and you can't get more northerly than Dunseverick on the Causway coast!
The Spanish name recalls the events surrounding the Girona, a galleon of the Spanish Armada, which was shipwrecked off the Causeway coast in 1588. Some of the treasures that the Girona was carrying have been retrieved and are currently on view in the Belfast Museum.
The ruins of Dunseverick CastleDunseverick comes from the Ancient Irish name Dun Sobhairce and means "Fort of Sobhairce".

The fort was founded by Sobhairce, who in the year AM 3668, with his brother Cearmna Finn, assumed jointly the sovereignty of Ireland. By an arrangement the island was divided and Sobhairce ruled the country north from Drogheda to Limerick with his seat at Dunseverick.

The area around Dunseverick was later to become known as the Kingdom of Dalriada. St Patrick visited and blessed Dunseverick; also the well which is close to the rock, and is still known as Patrick's well.